The Pavilion Once Again

The Pavilion  is the last remaining  movie house in a Brooklyn neighborhood once crowded with theatres. Opening as the Sanders in 1928, the interior attractive in its Moorish design but never the movie palace that so many blogs and newspapers refer to.   Nicer than its nearby competition the Minerva but not on par with the RKO Prospect at 9th Street.

The Pavilion has come under adverse criticism, the sorry state of the theatre a topic of  newspapers and blogs. The multiplex once again in the news during the month of May with local blogs reporting the sale of the beleaguered theatre.

Photo by Sidney B. Selleck, Jr. (part of the author’s collection)

FIPS broke the news on May 9th after receiving a tip from reader  @axelmurillo.  “Say goodbye to the bed bug infested, spooge covered filthy purple seats folks!” proclaimed FIPS.

In all fairness , the bed bug allegations were never proven.

After  doing “some further digging”, the FIPS came up with a rumor that a group of Jewish business men had bought the Pavilion.

The actual proof of sale came a few days later in the Park Slope Patch with a quote from Jill Calcaterra, the Chief Marketing Officer for the previous owners Cinedigm:

“We found a local buyer who was interested in making an investment in the theater — refurbishing it — so it just made sense.”

Filming at the Pavilion (Photo by Betty Sword)

“Pete” sent Mary, at the Windsor Terrace Blog,  an email about the  article in FIPS  with the Pavilion  “actually truly doing some kind of vague renovation.”

Relying on information from the Patch and FIPS, Mary found the news “encouraging.”

Apparently without actually visiting the Pavilion, Natalie O’Neill was able to report  in the Brooklyn Paper that renovations were almost done.  Everything ready “in time for Memorial Day.”  New co-owner Ben Kafash expressing a commitment to “making a better place.”

Ben Kafash and Grace Sarvalo operate Cinema Holdings, a company specializing in take overs of troubled cinemas, apparently with  mixed results.

Feedback from readers attending Kung Fu Panda 2 over the holiday weekend was largely negative, critical of the article and the Pavilion. “Looking forward to returning to the Pavilion”, one person praised the Brooklyn Paper for its “the non biased” reporting.  Another suggested reading  FIPS which had already published a scathing review of the new Pavilion calling it “arguably the worst movie theater in NYC.”


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