The Brooklyn Theatre Index—One Year On

On August 29, 2010, I gave an illustrated talk at the Coney Island Museum as part of their Ask the Expert series. This was the official launching of the first volume of the Brooklyn Theatre Index.

Being introduced by museum director Aaron Beebe (photo: Betty Sword)

The Index received an excellent review from Brooklyn historian, John Manbeck in the Brooklyn Eagle newspaper of September 16, 2010:

“Inside the book are 477 pages of information about Brooklyn’s love affair with theaters, both live action and movie. The sheer numbers are overwhelming. The table of contents runs according to street names but in the index, theaters are cross-referenced alphabetically by theater names, which makes the tome ideal for a future online transfer of production titles and names of individuals.”

“It sounds like a reference for theatre buffs and it is. But it is also fascinating information for the average Joe.”

The second volume followed in October with both receiving an excellent review by theatre historian Ken Roe on the Cinema Treasures website:

“The definite appraisal of all movie theatres to have operated in Brooklyn, a borough known to have had the most theatres operating out of the five NYC boroughs.”

The Brooklyn Theatre Index  chosen 2010 Outstanding Book of the Year by the Theatre Historical Society of America. The society’s president, Karen Colizzi Noonan, stated:

“Comprehensive, accurate and useful, The Brooklyn Theatre Index series is a valuable addition to any series theatre historian’s library.”

Nearing completion, the third volume on Coney Island, awaits funding for formatting and editing.


Theatre Talks LLC

Betty Sword

The Brooklyn Theatre Index copyediting, interior book design and layout by David Bow at Integrative Ink.


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