Sid Grauman on Hollywood

Part Two: The 90th anniversary of Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre

Following the opening of his Egyptian Theatre, on October 18, 1922, Sid Grauman took a look at the future of Hollywood.

Holly Leaves, November 3, 1922:

“Men of sane reason dare not prophecy of what Hollywood may become in another score of years. Personally I cannot be too conservative in my views, for I am a dreamer and my vision senses a grander prospect than I would dare to put into words. We all know the elements of nature and humanity on which Hollywood  has been building-and we all know the possibilities of modern development.

“What these are to bring to Hollywood and Los Angeles is screened in the mystic veil of the future, but I have given play to my dreams of what await and the Egyptian Theater, a model of the beauteous architecture that antedates even the dawn of history, is the result.

“I trust it may prove the incentive to Hollywood that Hollywood has become to me; that the slow flowing years may find its popularity keeping pace with the growth of this city, and that the commingling of Art, Drama and Beauty may prove to be the union of three graces that shall ever be as a guardian and a guiding spirit to the fame and glory of Hollywood.”

Above postcard: Forecourt of the Egyptian Theatre (1923)

Photograph of the East Gates of the Forecourt (2002) by Betty Sword, all rights reserved.

Both images are part of the Theatre Talks Collection

Cezar Del Valle is the author of the Brooklyn Theatre Index, chosen 2010 Best Book of the Year by the Theatre Historical Society.


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