“Judy Garland Clicks at Loews”, 1939

Excerpts from the New York Post, April 18, 1939:
“Judy Garland has become the heroine of the Loew circuit. While some ‘personal appearances’ of movie stars do less than good for the star’s popularity, Judy’s visit with her New York fans has increased her standing a hundredfold, says Loew’s executives.”

“The other night, while making a ten-minute-visit to Loew’s Jersey City Theatre, Judy was greeted by 4,000 fans who filled the theatre. And-over 1,500 fans who crowded the lobby couldn’t get in.


Loew’s Jersey, photo copyright Betty Sword

“After her show in the theatre, Judy learning of the disappointed crowd in the lobby, sung her entire repertoire to the standees from a foyer balcony. She made 1,500 new friends instantly–plus one worried theatre manager, George Dumond of Loew’s.”

“At Loew’s 175th Street Theatre, Manhattan, Judy’s fans got beyond even police control. When the riot was over Judy’s hat was gone–and it was a brand new one. Judy laughed it off and offered her autograph and $10 dollars to the admirer who took it and would return the hat. So far she hasn’t gotten it back.”

Loew's Paradise, copyright Betty Sword

Loew’s Paradise, copyright Betty Sword

“At Loew’s Paradise, even husky policemen helped handle the crowds–and missed Judy’s performance. Hearing of it, through a timid remark of one of the cops, Judy volunteered to sing for them. The eleven cops, in a dressing room back stage, heard Judy sing for them alone!

“At the State Theatre, where she is now appearing, Judy is doing extra shows without a murmur. She broke the matinée opening record on Thursday–over 6,000 admissions before 1 P.M. ‘It must be Mickey Rooney on the screen’ is Judy’s modest explanation.”

Loew’s Jersey

Photographs,  copyright Betty Sword, all rights reserved.

Cezar Del Valle is the author of the Brooklyn Theatre Index, chosen 2010 Best Book of the year by the Theatre Historical Society.

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