Sheridan Theatre & the Village Art Scene

Exhibitors Trade Review, July 21, 1923:

“The average theatre does not cater to a clientele of artists–illustrators, painters and sculptors–because there is only one real artists’ colony in the United States, Greenwich Village, New York City. But the Sheridan Square theatre, situated in the heart of the Village, must cater to artists and Managing Director Edwin Emery makes an intensified campaign to reach them.

“His weekly combination house organ and program makes a special appeal on its front cover to artists, as is shown in the accompanying illustration.

Sheridan“It is a fourteen page magazine, 4 3/4 by 7 inches, giving current and coming attractions. This is mailed regularity to 5000 names on a live mailing list. It not only appeals to artists but to those people who like to watch artists and naturally gravitate toward centers where artists congregate. And they congregate at the Sheridan Square.

“Mailing the house organ-program to 5,000 names is a summer time business builder.”

Edward Hopper Sheridan Theatre

Edward Hopper Sheridan Theatre

Cezar Del Valle is the author of the Brooklyn Theatre Index, chosen 2010 Best Book of the year by the Theatre Historical Society.

He is available for theatre talks and walks in 2014-15, historical societies, libraries, senior centers, etc.


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