Musical Prologues at the Kinema, Los Angeles

Excerpts from Exhibitors Trade Review, March 4, 1922:

“The Kinema Theatre, one of the Gore Bros., Sol Lesser, and Adolph Ramish West Coast Theatres, Inc., chain, is giving its patrons an entirely novel form of stage presentation. Heretofore it has been the custom to create atmospheric prologues to mesh with the feature films. The new stage offerings at the Kinema are linked with music.

"The Beethoven Sonata"

“The Beethoven Sonata”

“Famous paintings of musical history have been selected as the backgrounds. A series of art slides first are shown, giving a brief history of the painting for that week. The composer after whom the painting was created is then shown via slide route and the Kinema Symphonic Orchestra then gives a brief selection from that composer’s work.

“A slide is then shown of the famous painting. Immediately afterward the curtains part, showing the exact replica of the canvass in the flesh.

"The Discovery of Handel"

“The Discovery of Handel”

“The first of the series was patterned after the famous Kreutzer Sonata of Beethoven. The second was taken from the canvass ‘The Discovery of Handel.’

“In both instances the set settings were exactly as in the canvass and the artist made up to impersonate the figures of the painting”




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