Capitol Theatre, Broadway at 51st, Then and Now, 1946

Showmen’s Trade Review, October 26, 1946:

capitol2t_pe“Believe it or not, that quiet street scene in the top photo is Broadway and 51st Street prior to the construction of the Capitol Theatre, which opened on October 24, 1919.

Contrast the pastoral atmosphere of that scene (note the nearly invisible man on the corner–cameras couldn’t catch people on the move in those days) with the movie-going activity in the bottom photo which shows an opening morning at the Capitol some 27 years later; specifically during the current engagement of MGM’s ‘No Leave, No Love’ and stage show.

“This week the Capitol is holding special ceremonies in observance of the theatre’s 27th anniversary.”


Cezar Del Valle is the author of the Brooklyn Theatre Index, a three-volume history of borough theatres. The first two chosen 2010 OUTSTANDING BOOK OF THE YEAR by the Theatre Historical Society Final volume published in September 2014.

He is available for theatre talks and walks in 2015: historical societies, libraries, senior centers, etc This includes a Times Square talk or walk.

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